Welcome to my website, My name is Jørgen M Jørgensen (M=Manfeld) Facebook profile Jørgen Jørgensen and married to Camma who was born Camma Brabrand Märtens. We were both retirement 1 jun 2011. Our daughter Laila suggested that now there was time. I could then try to find Camma's Family "Martens". It must be said here that Camma's father was the second born of 9 children after Carl Frederk Märtens who emigrated to the U.S. in 1908. Carl's brother Emil Andreas Märtens followed his older brother in 1913 and he ended up after his time in the army in the state of Maine where he married and had six children. A third brother Einar Christian Märtens born 11 July 1892, also traveled to the United States in 1921 where he married a Danish girl, settled in the same city as the great brother Carl Frederik, Einar and his wife Anna, got a son Henry Märtens in 1923, However, the 3 traveled back to Denmark shortly after Wall Street cracked in 1929 and settled in Grejsdal just outside Vejle. And Camma's father was the only one who did not follow with the family, but only he was back in Denmark. It must be said that he had contact with his family in the U.S. and he also received visits from over there. Camma remember visits by Frederik Carl (father's brother) and two of his daughters, Agnete born Brabrand (grandmother) and Uncle Conny. But all the correspondence between Camma's father and family in the United States was burned when his mother died in 1966. Camma's mother was an only child and she died in 1974 and there has never been contact to that part of the Family. This website will be mainly used for my wife's family tree and photos compiled by the family and can be connected with individuals in the family tree.

I will get some of my own family tree on the website under the name "Joergen's Family tree" I will not copy the website www.bjørnholt.net, but try to find people who have emigrated and who may have lost the connection to the Danish part of the Family and Family to my grandfather and grandmother on both side.

Latest news from the Family: Easter 2018 an update on family tree of Martens and Brabrand will take place

My wife's grandparents and their siblings descendants are found and in the family tree for about 99%, I would still expanding family tree based on Johan Frederik Jacob Märtens from Hannover in Germany who came to Denmark and married the Danish girl Christiane Hansen in 1812 and it is their four children's descendants that I will write into Märtens / Brabrand family tree.                                               


What I plan to do in the near future:

My wife Camma's family tree will be updated when new branches on the tree. I will then investigate a little in my own family together with my big brother, amongst other things found descendants in my mother's family came to East Hartford Connecticut in 1909, where the family father got a job at Pratt & Whitney as a skilled machinist, and they had five sons and one daughter, daughter Anita who today is 89 years old, I have at the end of December 2014 talked to her on the phone a fresh and wonderful person who will help me with that part of the family tree.

Planning to put the photo of the Danish part of the family Martens on the website:

NEW Photo:   Photo from Einar and Anna Märtens part of the family  

                       Photo from Christine Napoleon daughter of Conny B Martens

                      Enlarge photo of the Danish part of the descendants of Carl Frederick Martens 1879

Dec. 3 2020     New story about Anna's son Ejner born in Vejle in 1907 and who later changed his name. See Why Martens family in             Historical Background





Velkommen til min hjemmeside, den er hovedsagelig er brugt til min kones familietræ, samt foto der er samlet af familien og som har forbindelse med personer i familietræet. Har du spørgsmål kan du finde os i telefonbogen.